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Some of My Work


Problem: A recently acquired a DTC aligner company commissioned us to help them define a differentiated strategic territory to enable continued growth. 

Research Solution: We conducted a broad scale category audit and led a series of internal company interviews which identified 4  potential strategic territories. We then conducted qualitative analysis to deepen the understanding of how the territories resonated with key consumer groups. Finally, we ran a rich quantitative analysis which solidified the winning territory. We also provided  a segmentation and typing tool which enabled audience  prioritization & growth profiling based on key segment needs.

Services Provided

Business Win: Brand book that enabled a strategic shift into a totally new category of wellness. 

Image by Aurela Redenica

Financial Services

Problem: A global financial institution was looking to make a large scale strategic shift from insurance only into a broader financial services offering and needed help setting a 5 year marketing investment plan to make it happen. 

Research Solution: We conducted an intensive marketing investment analysis that triangulated multiple data sets and recommended a 5 year spending plan / competitive territory plan including an approach to audience expansion.

Services Provided

Business Win: The CMO had a compelling data story to sell in incremental marketing investment needs to the C suite. 

Image by Mufid Majnun

Venture Capital

Problem: A venture capital brand needed strategic direction in managing two competing brands.

Research Solution: We conducted a massive competitive landscape (75+ competitors) to inform how the category was approaching similar problems. We then performed a robust messaging and architecture audit to identify unique language opportunities to their communications strategy and general thesis. 

Services Provided:

Business Win: We provided a POV on how to collapse the brands together and differentiate language and thesis in their competitive market. 

Image by Marcello Gennari
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