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A bit about me

My name is Leigh. I’ve been in the world of marketing data, research, and analytics for nearly 20 years. My experience ranges from managing the analytics practices for Fortune 500 companies to solving complex brand challenges to writing industry white papers.


I believe that the best strategic data foundation starts by uncovering and understanding values and beliefs. I'd love to apply this approach to your business challenge.

I'm here
to help.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been operating in a leadership role working to build a brand centered growth consultancy.  I created and led the data and intelligence practice and focused on developing proprietary approaches and products to help uncover the biggest growth opportunities for brands. But now, I'm headed out on my own, and I'd love to help you.



Specifically, I have 3 main goals.

✅  I want to make your life easier because I know you're busy. 

✅  I want to make you look smart for your boss because duh. 

✅  I want to provide myself as a cost effective solution because this market is a hot mess right now. 

My Services

I've summarized a few of my most popular services below.



Consumer Profiling




Research Support

The pandemic drove 75% of consumers to change behaviors. 

Consumer behavior is ever changing but most consumers are still looking to solve the same problems. They just want better solutions. Consumer profiling is a great way to build a more relevant and effective strategy.

Most businesses aren't keeping up with meaningful change. 

It's easy to set and forget a strategy, but if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that change is the only constant. A landscape review is a great way to check out where you stand and unpack how to  make strategic shifts. 

Think about market research as an investment, not an expense.

First party research is the first step to any impactful strategy. Conversations with consumers and stakeholders build deep understanding and quant provides solid proof for executives. No strategy is solid without it. 

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